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Bonds are a form of IOU’s. These guarantee an investor repayment at the end of the maturity period. Bonds normally carry a rate of interest. The company assures to pay the bond holder the requisite sums due every quarter or half yearly or annually till the date of maturity. The investor can encash his bond at the end of the maturity period and get back his entire amount
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Charity:water is a charitable organization based in New York, USA.   This organization works in 20 developing countries worldwide and its mission is to bring clean, safe, drinking water to the over 800 million people without water in developing countries.  This organization has funded more than 6,000 water project in 19 developing countries in just over five years.  Upon completion, these projects will supply water to more than 2.5 million people.  The company funds the...
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Autism Speaks is a brand of Autism Speaks Inc., a non-profit organization based in the US.  It is one of the largest advocacy and science organizations in the US and its aim is to fund research into causes, treatments, prevention and cure for autism.  The organization also increases awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocates for the needs of people with autism and their families.  It also provides fellowships, research grants and sponsors scientific conferences. This or...
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Sevenly is a profit-organization promoting a cause that aims to persuade individuals to get involved in charity through marketing a lifestyle product line. Sevenly sells fashionable clothing imprinted with specially designed thoughts and quotes promoting a "cause of the week." The stylized wear so far includes hoodies, T-shirts, blouses, sweater and the like. Every purchase made sends $7 for the week's cause.
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The Hunger Site is an amazing website which offers quality products. Every purchase from the website helps combat famine in devastated areas of Africa and in struggling areas in the United States of America. The website has the following products on offer: Fair trade apparel, jewelry, bags & purses, scarves, fair trade products from Africa & Haiti and footwear.
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The Animal Rescue Site is a part of GreaterGood Network Stores which is owned and operated by CharityUSA. A portion of the purchase price of each item the customer buys goes to customer’s choice of important causes. The company offers products like: Jewelry, apparel, footwear, totes, purses & bags, car accessories and gift cards.
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The Child Health Site offers an option to help the children and provide an effective way to take part in an urgent, specific humanitarian need. They are working to save children's lives and improve the quality of their health. Huge numbers of children every week dies from preventable causes. Moreover, millions more suffer from preventable disease, curable blindness, and malnutrition and the funding from this site helps an average of more than 1,000 children every day. They also offer a “cl...
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The Breast Cancer Site is an online activism site that provides internet users a friendly and easy way to help raise funds for mammograms to underprivileged women. Mammograms are the most efficient screening method to detect early breast cancer. The technique, called mammography, is used to visualize normal and abnormal structures within the breasts. Mammography can help in identifying cysts, calcifications and tumors in the breast. The mammography is carried out thru the National Breast Cancer ...
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The Literacy Store sells products to raise money for charities. Every Purchase from The Literacy Store funds free books for Children in Need. The products that are sold on the site include the following: Jewelry Home decor Clothing and accessories Footwear Bags and purses Garden, patio and backyard Items for the kitchen Gifts Gifts for kids Seasonal items Calenders Sale and outlet items The site is clearly laid out with good images and product descriptions for each of the produc...
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The Rainforest Site is a website that helps save the rainforest by donating money via clicks on the website and through the sale of the merchandise on offer. The website sells items such as earrings, chocolates and bowls that are made from sustainable materials. The website is part of the Greater Good Network that helps promote various charitable causes.
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Covenant Cookies is a company that sells inspirational cookies. The cookies are in the shape of a fortune cookie and they all contain an inspirational message from the bible. The customer can also personalize the message. They offer giant cookies, Mini Baby Giant cookies, classic take out boxes, gift boxes, variety wheels of cookies, individually wrapped cookies, gift trays, baskets, and cookie bouquets. They offer cookies by occasion and holiday or anytime.
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Shockingly the cost of getting a divorce may be far higher than you think. If you divorce your wealth could drop by as much as 77% Read on to find out more......
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The interest you earn on municipal bonds or munis is exempt from federal and possibly state taxes. Are municipal bonds right for your portfolio.
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Financial freedom is a dream that many people wish to achieve. Yet this dream seems hard to reach though you might see a dream similar to this in your sleep. The truth is that this particular dream is only a dream. Its time you face reality and wonder how you could make this dream come true.
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This article explains the difference between bonds and mutual funds. It also points out the advantages and disadvantages of investing in each one.
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